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Test Consultancy

Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to actively contribute to any testing issues your company may face. We have designed and built many ground-breaking test rigs and developed whole test programmes for components and systems from initial data collection through to engineering sign off. Furthermore, help is at hand to ensure that your components are being tested correctly.

TTS have been involved with many different engineering disciplines including:

A pneumatic vehicle stereo test rig designed to test all functions on the radio included media eject/load and electric aerial performance.

pneumatic radio rig 100
A brake reaction test rig for measuring reaction times and force applied for recovering leg/hip patients. This removes the doctor’s subjectivity and provides a consistent set of parameters for patient sign-off. The rig is connected to a laptop PC which supplies the signal to start the random timed dashboard light and acquires the time and force signals applied by the patient.
There are many reasons why large manufacturers spend a significant portion of their budgets on up-front testing.