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This means we will:

  • Liaise with customers to fully understand the concept

  • Provide up front concept designs

  • System Prototyping and initial testing

  • System Manufacturing or manufacturing assistance

We can provide expertise in both the mechanical and electrical properties such as:

  • Embedded hardware and software using a variety of microprocessors and micro-controllers

  • User Interface – Displays, Switches, Controls

  • Unit housing – SLA mock-ups, IP ratings, EMC, Installation properties

  • Component Specification, ratings , quality, endurance

  • PCB design and manufacture along with testing

  • Engineering of actuators, sensors and mechanical component integration

Be-spoke Embedded Electronics, Software Design and System Integration

Our philosophy is to provide a complete embedded electronic and software engineered package to complement existing or new mechanical installations.

Our own products were all designed by our in-house electronics engineers, if you have a need for be-spoke electronic engineering or system design then TTS can help

Our experienced engineers are happy to visit your company, assess your requirements and sit down with your engineers and develop a specification for the system you require. We would then be happy to provide you with a quotation for all stages of the project to make your system a reality.

Projects undertaken by TTS engineers include:

  • A control system to allow a major test house to implement 24 hour running of all their test rigs. This included integrating all running test rigs, hydraulic power packs, fire and intruder alarms and a dialler to alert on-call engineers to any issues.

  • A standalone mobile data logger. The client required a number of units that could be installed in a vehicle fleet to acquire the inputs and cycles derived from typical customer usage. This data was used to enhance laboratory test procedures and allow better engineering knowledge of real world conditions.

  • Control system including software and bespoke PCB's for durability test rig of high pressure pipelines.

  • Complete system build of high speed spin rig to test engine parts. The system included full control of a pumpset to supply conditioned oil at the correct temperature and pressure for the engine speed, motor spin speed, torque applied, revolution position and the monitoring of safety devices. The control of the rig was via a touch screen hand controller and all data was collected and made available across the network.

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