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Equipment Rental

TTS understand that some businesses need to perform their own testing but do not wish to invest heavily in equipment they may only use sporadically. At TTS we have a selection of test equipment that can be hired on flexible terms for such requirements.
  • Flexible rental terms

  • Expert advice and help with set-up and test completion

  • Equipment has been checked and serviced if required.

Tenney T5S-5  Chambers
Excellent rapid change temperature chamber from Tenney. Change rate better than 5C/min. Water cooled. 140L capacity. -40C to +100C. Two available.
tenney t5s-5.jpg
Tensile Testers
We usually have a variety of tensile testers in stock. Please give us a call for availability.
lloyd LF Plus.jpg
Instron Fatigue Frame
High frequency fatigue rated frame with Instron 8800 controller and elastomeric software. 7.5kN force.
Signal Conditioning

Multiple channels of both AC and DC signal conditioning.

m1000_series 100.jpg
MTS 407 Servo-hydraulic Controllers

Single channel digitally supervised analogue servo-hydraulic controller. Comes configured with DC, AC and valve driver cards. 5 available

Instron 8800 Servo-hydraulic controllers
Multi channel digital servo hydraulic controllers. Suitable for use with AC and DC sensors. The controllers can run a variety of tests
Salt Spray Cabinet

A 600 Litre dry corrosion salt spray chamber.


Servo Hydraulic actuators

A variety of servo-hydraulic actuators complete with valve, loadcell and LVDT for complete control. Sizes from 10-100kN

servo actuators.jpg
Data Acquisition hardware

We have numerous data acquisition systems from single to 100+ channels acquiring a variety of sensors inc. Strain, acceleration, Temperature, Volts, displacement, etc


Thermal Imaging Camera

Hire a Flir i7 camera for instant and accurate measurement and visualisation of temperature maps.

flir i7.jpg
Water Chiller
Compact water chiller. Ideal for use with the Tenney chamber. Can be placed outside. 3.2kW cooling capacity

TTS have a range of sensors including loadcells, displacement sensors (laser and mechanical), accelerometers including a seat pad sensor and temperature sensors. 

Tri-Axial Accel.jpg
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