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Test Rig Design and Manufacture

Many tests can be completed on existing equipment but where the test is very specialised a bespoke system may have to be designed and manufactured. TTS have produced numerous rigs for these occasions, allowing the client to successfully complete validation programmes.


Temperature Probe Calibration Rig

Our customer needed to replace an aging test rig that performs a temperature calibration on their high temperature probes. Operator safety was of course a key deliverable as was ease of use. The rig incorporated many features to assist the operator and maintain safety which was critical due to the high temperatures involved. TTS designed and manufactured the test rig in 18 weeks including bespoke PCB design and build. 

Lynx Lag Damper EOL Test Rig

To control the motion of each rotor blade through the air the Lynx helicopter uses a lag damper. This is a flight critical component with less than 20mm of movement and very high damping forces. GKN required a test rig that was able to certify every damper before fitting to the aircraft. The rig must be fully automatic, easy to operate and produce a traceable test certificate for each part. 

Based around the TTS In-PC control system, which gave the user a friendly Windows environment, it was simple to run and produced  automatic reports. Test loads were entered behind a password screen to ensure inadvertent values were not allowed. The drive signals were sine waves and the smallest amplitudes were 0.02mm. The complete system was supplied ready to run and training given to GKN personnel. Two further rigs have been supplied for similar products. 

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