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Test Consultancy

We offer help and advice to anyone about to embark on a new test programme or are having problems with an existing product.



TTS has extensive of experience in many aspects of instrumentation and can be of assistance to any programme needing instrumentation expertise.


We have a range of test facilities to enable rapid product testing.

Data Acquisition

Our engineers have extensive experience collecting data from a variety of vehicles and products in many parts of the world.

Test Rig Design & Manufacture

Many tests can be completed on existing equipment but where the test is very specialised a bespoke system may have to be designed and manufactured.

Data Analysis

We have the tools needed to perform further analysis on existing or recently acquired data.


We can offer a number of calibration services including force, length and now ozone calibration


Testing and Acquisition Services

TTS is a flexible organisation and responds quickly to client needs – from supplying a piece of equipment for a day’s rental to planning and running full product validation projects.

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