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Grips and Fixtures for Materials testing

TTS can offer new grips and fixtures to suit any test application and are designed to fit most OEM machines. All our grips and fixtures are manufactured here in the UK to the most exacting specifications.
Our grips are supplied and priced as a pair and include a standard set of jaws, exceptions are fixtures such as bending jigs, friction testing etc where the upper part is completely different from the bottom.  All grips and fixtures come complete and ready to use and are adapted to suit your particular testing machine.  Due to the large quantity of different testing machines in the market we keep our grips as piece parts and assemble to order. 
Our grips are significantly more cost effective than OEM grips and but made to equally high standards. 
Wedge Grips

A range of wedge grips from 2.5kN to 300kN as standard. Other sizes available upon request. 


Wedge Grips
Bending Fixtures

3 and 4 point bend fixtures with a variety of anvil shapes and sizes

Vice Grips

A range of vice grips from 5N to 50kN as standard.


Vice Grips
Pneumatic Grips

Our range includes both single and double acting grips. 


Sanwood Chamber
Compression Platens

Both fixed and self aligning platens are available in variety of sizes.


Sanwood Chamber
Rope and Yarn grips

A range of grips to test wire, rope and yarn from 1kN to 100kN


Sanwood Chamber
Hydraulic Grips

Our range of hydraulic vice grips (vise grips to our US customer), are manufactured here in the UK to the highest standards. 

Paper Grips

Specialist jigs for testing corrugated board and wet paper.


Peel & Friction Grips

Our grips are precision-engineered for a firm and consistent grip on all types of materials, including tapes and adhesives, rubbers, films, packaging etc.


Scissor Grips

These materials testing grips initially grip through spring tension, and then tighten themselves during the application of force. The larger the scissor grip opening, the more force will be exerted on the sample.


Composites Fixtures

Specially designed for accurate and repeatable testing of composite materials, the range includes compression fixtures, short beam shear test jigs, peel jigs and tensile test jigs.

Misc. Grips & fixtures

Our collection of assorted testing grips and fixtures include motorised ring grips, T slotted sample holders and a split bollard webbing grip.

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