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Data Analysis

At TTS we understand that accurate testing and/or analysis can only be achieved with knowledge and understanding of the inputs the product is subjected too. This is valid whether it is a complex sub-assembly, complete vehicle or even just a simple bracket or fastener.


Data Analysis is of course necessary to truly understand the vast amounts of data usually collected during an RLD exercise. TTS can perform analysis of the resulting information. This can allow the customer to better understand and visualise the mass of data collected. The data is commonly used to validate FE models. Whether it is rainflow diagrams or generating damage cycles TTS have the experience and software to help. Working with in-service data  and removing any non-damaging events can greatly accelerate lab based testing.

TTS use the latest nCode Glyhworks and MTS RPC for all data analysis and drive generation.

Visualisation tools can help design and product engineers to better understand the conditions their part is subjected to whilst performing it's design purpose.

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