3D Printing and Testing

With the explosion in 3D printing throughout industry and its move from prototype and sample parts to actual production parts the need to test printed parts is essential. At TTS we can both print the component and complete a full suite of tests to guarantee its suitability.

3D print optimisation is becoming increasingly important and we are best placed to help with your requirements.

We have tested a variety of samples with differing print properties. The results below may help you to decide which print settings to use for your project. The beams are 10x10mm square with a length of 150mm. The bend fixture has 100mm spacing with a 4mm diameter anvil applying the load at the midpoint. These tests are indicative and should be used for basic guidance only.

All samples were printed on the same printer and TTS use Simplify3D for set-up and slicing.

We have given two Ultimate bend strengths below labelled A and B

A is tested with the anvil applying the load in the direction of the print head, ie from the top.

B is tested with the anvil at 90 degrees to the print head, ie from the side.

This is to determine if there is a difference in strength depending on how the part is orientated in comparison to its print direction.

Testing of 3D parts can can involve a variety of techniques from basic ultimate strength tests to durability testing and combined elevated temperature and humidity.

TTS can help your business to better understand its products and components before they are put to the test in the real world.