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TTS can now offer traceable calibration for a number of metrics including force, displacement, strain gauged parts, voltage, etc.

 We have supplied a number of Ozone chambers to companies in the UK and we now have specialist equipment to carry out Ozone calibration and servicing. 

Force calibration up to 50kN can be completed on our Instron machine. This is calibrated to UKAS standards and can be used for both traceable force and displacement sensor calibrations. We also use this for the calibration of strain gauged parts.

Force calibration starts from as little as £125

TTS will build suitable fixtures for any part or make available the geometry of the shakers should you wish to fabricate your own fixtures.
The fixture is subjected to a resonance search prior to the installation of the test part to prove suitability.

From short duration shock tests to 100+ hours of resonance defined durabilities we can help with your vibration test programme. Please give us a ring to discuss your requirements in detail.

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