Tensile Test Machines

TTS have been supplying quality used tensile test machines to industry for over 10 years. We acquire only the best used machines and give each one a full service and performance check before it is offered for sale. All machines are offered with a 60 day RTB warranty with options to extend.
  • Variety of sizes usually available to meet your test requirements.

  • 60 day RTB warranty offered on all tensile test machines.

  • Optional Training and commissioning can be provided.

  • Calibration service can be provided.

  • A range of new and used grips is available for any machine.

Instron 4411 5kN 

The Instron 4411 is a twin column tensile test machine capable of forces upto 5kN. They use a simple to navigate controller which makes setting up tests a straight forward process.

Load Range:                              5000N (1120lb)

Load Resolution:                       < 0.005% of load cell used(max)

Crosshead speed range:          0.5 - 500mm/min

Speed Accuracy:                      < 0.2%

Clearance between straining axis and columns:        125mm

Maximum crosshead displacement:                           1080mm (excl. grips)

Extension Resolution:                                                  < 0.02 mm

Supply Voltage:                                                           230V or 110V (switchable)