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LDS V721 Shaker

TTS have been supplying quality used test machines to industry for over 10 years. We acquire only the best used machines and give each one a full service and performance check before it is offered for sale. All machines are offered with a 60 day RTB warranty with options to extend.

  • 60 day RTB warranty offered on LDS shakers (subject to conditions).

  • Optional Training and commissioning can be provided.

  • Calibration service can be provided.

LDS V721 Shaker

Excellent Condition LDS V721 Electro-Magnetic Shaker.


Complete set-up with fan, power amp (PA1000L), field supply (FPS10L) and de-gauss coil, all hoses and cables 

The system runs on standard 240V

Can be supplied with LDS Comet controller and software if needed. 


Specifications for Shaker:


Peak Force - Sine                           4100N (922lbf) for 1.5 hours

Peak Force - Sine continuous        3700N (832lbf)

Random Force (rms)                      3336N (750lbf)

Frequency Range (useful)              dc-4000Hz

Max Acceleration                            Sine         951m/s2 (97g)

                                                       Random   50g rms

Max Velocity                                   1.0m/s    (39.4in/s)

Max Displacement                          25.4mm (1.0in)

Payload Max                                  100kg with internal air support

Table Diameter                               180mm  (7.09in) 


Please call 01903 266613 for further details

For international shipping please contact us for a accurate cost with your address

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