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Servo Hydraulic Testing

Servo-hydraulic testing has been used by industry for many years to accurately replicate real world load and displacement conditions on a variety of components.

Used extensively by the car industry which continues to be at the cutting edge of this technology it is one of the most effective forms of durability testing of loaded components. TTS engineers have vast experience gained from within the motor industry and this can now be utilised by many industry sectors to give accurate and fast product validation.

At TTS we have a large range of servo-hydraulic actuators up to a dynamic force of 100kN and a displacement of 200mm. We have quasi-static load frames up to 500kN.

The control hardware is just as important and we have MTS Flextest controllers and software to allow replication of real world signals. We also have Instron 8800 controllers and software.

TTS have invested in custom made heavy duty frames to allow quick and cost effective set-up of most scenarios. Testing can be run 24/7 with complete monitoring software so the results can be produced quickly and efficiently.

TTS have completed durability testing on a range of components including an engine bellhouse casting for a large truck. This required 4 channels of servo-control with loads either directly connected to the bellhouse engine mounts or via a dummy gearbox. The testing was completed successfully and on time.

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