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Tensile Test Machines

TTS have been supplying quality used tensile test machines to industry for over 10 years. We acquire only the best used machines and give each one a full service and performance check before it is offered for sale. All machines are offered with a 60 day RTB warranty with options to extend.
  • Variety of sizes usually available to meet your test requirements.

  • 60 day RTB warranty offered on all tensile test machines.

  • Optional Training and commissioning can be provided.

  • Calibration service can be provided.

  • A range of new and used grips is available for any machine.

Tinius Olsen H5KS

The Tinius Olsen H5KS is a single column table top tensile test machine. The machine is directly controlled from the PC and can use optional Qmat or Horizon software. This gives the operator a library of tests, ability to configure their own tests, data acquisition with graphical output and report generation. 
Loadcells from 5N to 5kN can be used on this frame. 
We also have a large range of used grips and can provide any grip new.

Load Range:                                                                5kN load capacity - Selection of load-cells available 5N to 5kN

Force measuring Resolution:                                       1/320,000 of loadcell range

Force measuring Accuracy:                                        +/- 0.5%

Crosshead speed range:                                             0.001 - 1000mm/min

Speed Accuracy:                                                         < +/- 0.05%

Clearance between column:                                       NA

Maximum crosshead displacement:                           750mm (excl. grips)

Extension Resolution:                                                  < 0.01 micron

Supply Voltage:                                                           230V

Main frame dims:                                                         h1130mm x d450mm x w490mm

Mass:                                                                           50kg

Can run using Horizon software

Selection of grips available

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