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Vibration Testing

Vibration and shock testing is used extensively throughout product development to produce accelerated test results on a huge variety of components and systems. At TTS we have tested everything from single electronic components through to complete vehicle exhaust systems.

At TTS we have three vibration systems all of which can be used with our climatic chamber to enable AGREE (shake and bake) testing. We have performed numerous tests on vehicle and race car components including tests that also require coolant and/or pressure regulation whilst under test.

We specialise in the testing of WCAC (water charge air coolers) for a variety of manufacturers. This requires coolant and air conditioning of the unit under test plus elevated temperatures of the surrounding environment, and of course vibration to simulate mounting conditions.

TTS will build suitable fixtures for any part or make available the geometry of the shakers should you wish to fabricate your own fixtures.
The fixture is subjected to a resonance search prior to the installation of the test part to prove suitability.

From short duration shock tests to 100+ hours of resonance defined durabilities we can help with your vibration test programme. Please give us a ring to discuss your requirements in detail.

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