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Three Zone Thermal Shock Chambers

Environmental Chambers

After extensive market research TTS are proud to offer the comprehensive range of Sanwood Environmental Chambers and Corrosion & Ingress Chambers to the UK market. Sanwood are one of China's biggest chamber manufacturers and are set to become a global name in this competitive market place.
3 zone thermal shock chamber
Thermal shock chambers allow rapid transitions between extremes of temperatures. This induces high stress within the sample and allows accelerated testing. The three zone thermal shock chambers from Sanwood use a damper arrangement to perform a 3 second transfer between the hot, ambient and cold chambers. The test profiles are simple to programme and edit and the signals can be acquired directly to the SD card. There is even an option to monitor from your smart phone.

Chamber volumes range from  50 to 500 litres as standard.

All stainless steel interior and high quality imported control gear and plant ensures the chamber performs as well in the future as it does today.

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