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Grips and Fixtures for Materials testing

TTS can offer new grips and fixtures to suit any test application and are designed to fit most OEM machines. All our grips and fixtures are manufactured here in the UK to the most exacting specifications.
Our grips are supplied and priced as a pair and include a standard set of jaws, exceptions are fixtures such as bending jigs, friction testing etc where the upper part is completely different from the bottom.  All grips and fixtures come complete and ready to use and are adapted to suit your particular testing machine.  Due to the large quantity of different testing machines in the market we keep our grips as piece parts and assemble to order. 
Our grips are significantly more cost effective than OEM grips and but made to equally high standards. 

Hydraulic Grips

ST2 Hydraulic Grips

Our range of hydraulic vice grips (vise grips to our US customer), are manufactured here in the UK to the highest standards. Choose a single sided grip with manual screw to align samples for shear testing or double sided for self centering..

Our hydraulic grips are manufactured from high quality steel, and have a standard temperature range of 0 °C to 100 °C (higher temperatures on request).

 Our grips are compatible with most brand name testing machines, including Lloyd Instruments, Zwick, Instron, MTS, and Schimadzu , and cost considerably less than OEM grips in most cases.

ST2 100kN

This is a double sided vice grip with hydraulic loading on one side. Manual adjustment of the other side is provided to centralise the sample. The jaw faces are 100mm × 70mm with a 1mm pyramid cut face. Plain faces are available as an option.

The closing force of the hydraulic ram is 100kN. Because of the high closing force the grip is supplied with a hand control that requires the operator to use both hands to close the grips.

ST2 Hydraulic Grips
ST50 300kN

The grip is a single acting hydraulic vice with manual adjustment of the opposing jaw face. This arrangement allows asymmetric samples to be held centrally in the machine. Flat or round jaws are available as standard. Flat jaws are pyramid cut with 1.5mm pitch teeth, finer teeth for hard specimens can be supplied on request. We can also supply other faces such as waved, rubber coated, aluminium or hard faced if required.

ST50 Hydraulic Grips

100mm diameter Steel compression platen. Price per pair

ST85 1kN Yarn
Designed for rapid loading and consistent testing of ropes yarns and cords, it can also be used for fine wires that are flexible enough to wrap around the elliptical body.

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