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Grips and Fixtures for Materials testing

TTS can offer new grips and fixtures to suit any test application and are designed to fit most OEM machines. All our grips and fixtures are manufactured here in the UK to the most exacting specifications.
Our grips are supplied and priced as a pair and include a standard set of jaws, exceptions are fixtures such as bending jigs, friction testing etc where the upper part is completely different from the bottom.  All grips and fixtures come complete and ready to use and are adapted to suit your particular testing machine.  Due to the large quantity of different testing machines in the market we keep our grips as piece parts and assemble to order. 
Our grips are significantly more cost effective than OEM grips and but made to equally high standards. 

Scissor Grips

ST68 Scissor Grips

These materials testing grips initially grip through spring tension, and then tighten themselves during the application of force. The larger the scissor grip opening, the more force will be exerted on the sample. These grips are useful if you require wide openings for thicker samples and a quick loading action.


Our range of scissor grips are designed and manufactured here in the UK to the highest standards, so you can use them to test to ASTM, ISO, CEN and DIN standards.

ST62 20kN

A self tightening grip using a scissor action. Initial grip is provided by spring tension. This grip features a very wide opening of 40mm to allow samples to be tested. Jaw faces are hardened to approximately 60HRC and have 1mm pitch pyramid cut faces. Other tooth forms can be provided on request. Jaws for round samples can be provided if required.

ST62 Scissor Grips
ST68 50kN

A self tightening grip using a scissor action. Initial grip is provided by spring tension. This grip is particularly useful where rapid sample changes are required or the capstan action of the wedge grips is too slow. A locking screw is provided to hold one of the grips open while positioning the sample in the other. Jaw faces for flat and round samples are available but these cannot be changed by the user. Flat jaw faces have a 1mm pyramid tooth form, round sample jaws have a buttressed tooth. Special jaw faces on request.

ST68 Scissor Grips

100mm diameter Steel compression platen. Price per pair

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