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Grips and Fixtures for Materials testing

TTS can offer new grips and fixtures to suit any test application and are designed to fit most OEM machines. All our grips and fixtures are manufactured here in the UK to the most exacting specifications.
Our grips are supplied and priced as a pair and include a standard set of jaws, exceptions are fixtures such as bending jigs, friction testing etc where the upper part is completely different from the bottom.  All grips and fixtures come complete and ready to use and are adapted to suit your particular testing machine.  Due to the large quantity of different testing machines in the market we keep our grips as piece parts and assemble to order. 
Our grips are significantly more cost effective than OEM grips and but made to equally high standards. 

Paper Grips

ST66 Paper Grips

For compression tests on corrugated board, our board crush can perform tests of card either edgewise or flatwise. This saves time and effort in changing jigs between each test and is particularly beneficial when used with a multi-function, flexible testing machines by manufacturers such as Zwick/Roell.

ST66 Finch Device

The grip operates on the bollard and clamp principle. The bollard is 20mm in diameter and made from stainless steel. The clamp consists of a pair of friction washers and a thumbscrew.

ST66 Paper Grips
ST116 500N Finch Device

This fixture is designed to carry out tension tests on wet paper samples. It has a built in soaking device to avoid the handling of wet paper.

The paper is loaded dry, then the cup is raised to cover the sample with water and held for the required time. The cup is then lowered and the test performed.

For longer soaking times on thicker paper a spacer is provided to hold the cup at the required height. Minimum immersion height is 19 mm.

All parts are stainless steel or plated for corrosion resistance.

ST65 Corrugated Card Crush Fixture

A pair of compression plattens with linear guidance used to perform edgewise and flatwise compression tests on corrugated board. Using the ring test accessory the ring crush test to SCAN-P34:71 may also be performed. The fixture also conforms to the British standard BS6036. Plattens are supplied with a fine shot blast finish for a high friction surface. Alternatively if required the customer may add fine emery paper to the plattens to increase the surface friction.

ST65 Paper Grips

100mm diameter Steel compression platen. Price per pair

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